Idea of life: Reality

When most of the material seeking humans were busy creating a mono, no color kind of life, here is a short glimpse of our perception of it.

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“Words and ideas can change anything in this world. Use them wisely.”

The old school concept of life is to enjoy it as a whole. Not just as a Student, Employee, etc. That would be a disrespect to my soul. One cannot achieve a thing by discarding all other enjoyments of his/her life.

The whole student community in this generation is constantly seeking results from a mere exam for which they ignore all other aspects of life. Exercise, hobbies and all other enjoyments are being ignored and still, they say they feel the satisfaction within by constantly working their ass off for a mere exam which will decide how they are going to live their future. In a way, they are just trying to make their so-called better future, which is not even guaranteed, they don’t even know that a certificate or a degree can’t make anything better in their life.

Let me explain this to you through an example, suppose all you people got success in clearing your exams and that degree or certification is finally in your hands. The next morning you wake up and that degree or certification is still there lying on your table with your name written on it gracefully. Now just tell me, whether it made any difference in your life? Did it make your life any better in a playful way? Can you still smile with all your heart when you have already sacrificed all your health, money, enjoyments, quality time with your loved ones, etc?

Don’t drag yourself into this trap of life where you constantly work day and night for a mere validation from an institute that you are eligible to work with them. For me, getting a degree or certification by ignoring the balance of life is a mere validation. It’s nothing more than that. I’m a student too but I am not just that. Degree is just a part of life. Don’t make it your LIFE. Don’t sell your vibrant personality for anything this human world offers you. So many of us don’t even know the importance of maintaining our Individuality. We were born unique but trying to please this our objective reality, we forgot to nurture our soul, our within where Krishna resides.

I’m not against the idea of career but achieving it without balance? No! That’s not preferable. Your eyes become so blind to get these concepts into your mind because you are taught to think like this, You’re taught to become a product. Your happiness is most important, don’t ignore it.

Your ideology, thoughts, and concepts play a wide role in making the person you are and going to be. This kind of dumb idea of life won’t be able to survive for any longer period. One day even your validation will cease to have any value in this same material world. For now, people are using it to create wealth. But after some years, A change will happen and that change will change every concept of life where degrees and certificates will be counted as total nothing.

There was nothing more to do so we ended up creating validations and people started seeking them and that’s how the cycle goes on. It’s utterly sad that our family and friends want us to become one of those mediocre group. This is a very conservative thought to not get much into trouble, get an education, get a job, make some money and then family. You need to understand that there were a lot of opportunities that were in existence yesterday but they ceased to exist today. The world is constantly changing and we are still stuck with our one-dimensional idea of life.

Someday, at some point in life, you will realize that life was meant to be enjoyed like a Leela, a play but we made it monotonous and lived it all like a robot. I wish that day won’t be too far, otherwise, it’ll prove a disaster to human society. The divinity is waiting for your arrival.

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