Loyalty towards law in The Land of lord Ram

An opinion, a true intention, peer pressure or addiction.

And a lot more things to be discussed; sitting in this cafe thinking not just anything cliche.

Wondering what's going on back there in my country.

let's wish for a swift and speedy judicial system as of now.

Imagine the perspective from this view. A land where law prevails. And justice brings calm to the rage and anger of humanity.

I wanted them to suffer and I wanted One of the pillars of my democracy, our JUDICIARY to prevail and stand tall.

And I'm sure a bullet was surely an easy one. I see them demons laughing at our laws. AND God forbid if you can't accept that the escape is never the reality.

Don't dilute the solitude of your morals for the heavy heart of emotions.

Today I wanted my laws to be strong enough to support my emotions by giving justice ASAP. Not the other way around where people can question the laws of the land. How could The cops who are their to protect can be so diligent towards the laws?

I wanted them to suffer more, sir. They are the epitome of the dark reality of my nation.

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